Better Name for Nightmare SR


Spending SR or Eternity SR? You choose.


■■■■■■■■ $r


I like :poop: survival road


Nearly impossible sr


Or - “Find out if you are employed or not Survival Road” .

Edit: got nothing against the difficulty, that’s a great addition… Just the length.


You think players spend more cans on this SR than the old one? That’s laughable. Every single SR the cheapest winner I found spent at LEAST 30 cans. And hats being generous. I’ve seen plenty of scores past 1 million and it takes at least 75 cans to get to 1 million. In this format, makes no sense for players to spend refills IF they completed it (which only a handful of players will). Quite laughable to think this version requires more cans.

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No life SR


complain because having a challenge is difficult for you sr :wink:


Literally the opposite, I’m talking about RL time, not cans. Although cans do give the advantage of some time added. If you are full time employed and have a partner, family or any minor event in your life, such as simply going out for a meal, then I honestly can’t see how you could possibly complete 250levels, some needing to be repeated (especially if you are going the 1 star reflect way), whilst having an 8 energy limit cap and regenning 1 energy per 15 minutes. Sleeping added on top of that, plus the fact that you will never get exactly 8 value if you can, as you’ll very rarely be waiting around for it to hit 0:00, so those extra minutes add up too.
Hats off to you if you can, but I struggle to see how.


It was in response to the oringal poster who wants to call this a Spending SR. That to me insinuates spending as in money.

Yes this SR is very time consuming. But it seems like most people will get stuck by just regular energy as the later stages are very hard.


Cheat detector SR.


i had thoughts of this to and it would be a good trick to see


how many levels have you completed in this sr?


i am working to finish legendary 13 but work and life will get in the way of that and it is ok because they have more importance

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so you are already on legendary 13.
Hmmm :thinking:


there are some that have finished and that is good encouragement :smiley:

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I’ll finish silver. Good enough for me.


Any evidence of this?


I finished Bronze using only natural E and said screw this. I have to be judicious with my time.

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I would actually like to see them do a Solo Nightmare SR sometime down the road.