Better defense team?


I’m making a defense team for the first time ever. I have two paths I can go:

This team will have absolute defense on aris and Javier, impair on Kenny and lee, and then Romanov is a damage dealer. I think this team would be good, but then solange is coming out so I have this team…

Lucia is a placeholder for solange. The whole team will have stun weapons.

Now I am wondering, which team should I use and start building?


Number: :v:


Team 2 seems to be the best option, especially because those two traits are stun-heavy. Only benefit Tough/Fast weapons have are Impair and Absolute Defense, and the only healer for Team 1 would be Kenny dear. You have two healers and a reviver/Hold the Line on Team 2, I suggest that team would be best. And please keep Lucia, her rush is a game-ender :smirk:


During war green garrett = auto attack with mirabelle+lori.
First could last more if yellows are equipped with absolute 0, but still a full green team can take it down easily.


Only issue with running team two is that wandy is a big threat… whereas there isn’t a big yellow/blue threat.

Weapon and characters make team two better (especially Lucia, godtier)

With the proper characters however, it would be yellow blue over red green


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