Better communication

@kalishane, you must become more clear when communicating time frames would go very far.

Do not use vague terms as soon or early 2018, alone. It instills no confidence, and everyone has a different view on what constitutes soon, leading to frustration when the imagined soon is not met.

Instead try something like (just an example); In early 2018 we will make existing 5* characters ascendable, starting with first character in the next 7 days, and two more before end of January.

That is a statement you can underpromise, and overdeliver on, and once you have delivered on the first part (one character int he next 7 days) the player base’s confidence that you will follow through on the rest is strengthened.


Not 100% sure myself, but I’d guess she’s just relating the info that was related to her.

For sure – but I cannot give a date at this time.

If soon is a problem – I will not say and the characters will come when they do.

Thanks for the feedback Peylo.


Way to scapegoat responsibility.


Take it or leave it @peyloW :see_no_evil:


This just sounds like the team has no plan.

We know Glenn and governor are functional. We know gator is also nearing completion. To simply say nothing is just as painful as non tangible timelines.

We want to be excited about something (not just premiers). We want to know something is arou d the corner which is worth sticking around for. Hype is good if delivered on. Sadly scopely has yet to deliver the quality capable of loving up to even the smallest amount of excitement.


I am sorry you find it disappointing so I will not tell you if it will upset you.


Smile Kali!


Lmao. Just… no words.


Kallishane - If I am reading and understanding your reply correctly you are now totally backing away from a “soon” timeframe and replacing it with an “unknown” timeframe. Is this correct?
The Op is not asking for a definitive date but a broad timeline as to when some sort of progress can be expected.
Looking at the bigger picture this would seem to indicate that the announcement of “early 2018” for release of many heritage 5 stars is also seriously in doubt.
I am just not sure what assurance I get from your comment at all. It is feeling alot like zero.


Lol. Every time I see the word Defamation on these forums I’m like


It’s not that Kali or Scopely is being secretive. Kali has learned that she can’t rely on any timeframe she is given by the team, so she can’t give us a reliable date.

They likely have a date they are shooting for, but they always run into problems with making sure everything is coded properly and have no idea how long the fixes will take.

Of course we all want to know when, but don’t be a bunch of a’holes about the fragment of info that we can get.

Edit: a good middle ground could be: @kalishane maybe you could tell us the timeframe the team is shooting for, if the fixes push it beyond that date then just keep us informed, let us know some of the details of what fixes needed to be done and give another timeframe. Heck the developers could even be responsible for sharing the info on the forums since they are the ones bringing them to life.


We always seem to get the opposite of what we want around here. . . Now you are saying we should expect even less communication then what we are getting now? @kalishane. What is the point of your job then?

That was passive aggressive…


I will say this u said about a month ago u were going to sit down with Albert soon and have just came back and said meeting done things are comin soon…then there’s the promise of other things that were promised months ago and haven’t come to pass. So soon has no real value to us. Sounds like a push off so u answered. I know you are being cautious so u don’t break promises I get that. But something like our goal is to release our next character that isn’t a premiere in the next 4-6 weeks would be reasonable because let’s be honest by now we should be seeing both premiere and existing toons a few times a month. Soon doesn’t mean anything.


You have a point good sir but

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Don’t bring reason into this. We’ve already tried that.

Customer - engage with us. Keep us informed, it’s okay if things change, but communication should come ahead of such changes.

Seller - seems you are always disappointed so we will no longer share details.

Customer -… Wtf just happened???

Going back to my hole


Maybe I was unclear. If you believe it would take 5 days, 10 tops, then you tell the customers 15. If you hit 5, hurray you overdelivered big, if 10 you still win, if closing in on 15 you still have time to explain before you are late.

If you can not even give time frames like that, then you have to be honest and say you have no ducking clue.




Which is why I like to use it intentionally instead of silly * characters, adds flair I think :slight_smile: .

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