Better Communication from Scopely?

Hi Scopely Reps,

I just want to remind you that one of the things you promised your player base is “Better communication”. For the past week, I believe we have raised similar issues on your sudden decision to put restrictions on transfers, however we have not received an official feedback from any of your representatives.

Will this transfer rule you be the same in the next transfer windows? If someone in Wave 3 region does not transfer to Wave 2 now, does it mean he still cannot transfer to a Wave 1 region in October?

How will we know what to do when you do not communicate to us as promised?

Thanks in advance for feedback.


Good question! More information about next transfer opening is definitely needed so people can make informed decisions now. I would like to also know why wave 3 can’t go directly to wave 1 now? Why the restriction? Making folks buy a key to wave 2 now and then buy one to get to wave 1 in the future is pretty lame. People play this game to play with friends.

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely would love to hear on official response to this from…“the team”.
Also why have they not listened to what the players want…again and not changed transfers to what they want

Maybe because he doesn’t know. GR is just a messenger.

Or maybe he knows a thing or two about Scopely’s plans but is not sure what exactly is he allowed to say and doesn’t want to “bother” the team more then nessessary.

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It’s always interesting to hear from people who have seen behind the curtain…

It seems to affect them, not in a positive way.

Oh how funny that we are tricked into thinking scopley is actually going to make on promises. That they are going to communicate more or inform us of anything. It would be true if they didn’t form the players council and did the job themselves. But we are all tricked into thinking that the players council will help with communication, even though it will only help to focus blame away from Gr and JB and scopley. If they are really true to what they have promised then it’s very simple to achieve that. Inform players of changes, new events, updates etc in game instead of making people have to go to vk, forums and other apps or sites to get the info we need. Then the forums could be used for what they should be. Used for taking about team builds, ideas, helping others and having a good time talking about positive things within the game. Easy fix that scopley can do. Companies that Practice awesome customer service are the ones that have stayed in business forever and will continue to do so. The ones who hide behind walls or hide behind made-up councils etc don’t usually make it. I can contact almost all businesses anytime because they actually have a support phone number. Scopley doesn’t and continues to hide and act very arrogant while doing so. I don’t see anything ever in terms of communication

They all must follow the NDA…they can neither confirm nor deny any of these alleged “promises” of better communication, or any others they may or may not have made to their player base


They’re busy doing big baller things at headquarters

This really isn’t an example of better communication. There should have been so much set in place before hand.

These whole changes have been communicated poorly.

PU- What is is about? Check link

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Still no feedback. How difficult is it to ask for a reply from the game representatives for a legit concern? Even asking in a proper manner…