Better Collateral Damage Toon - James or Tyler?

Which of the free collateral damage specialist toon is better?

James or Tyler?

Trying to decide between the 2.

Well, James has a multi hit rush. While Tyler has access to 100% Crit weapon mod due to being fast.

Overall I’d say Tyler can be better for consistency. But James has a higher damage potential.

The biggest issue for Tyler is that his weapon starts out defensive, meaning you have to craft attack onto it if you want him to be better offensively.


Same situation with hengyen’s weapon too. Swap out crit with attack then go after crit expert. Deadly combo

James is the better choice. Link made an awesome Video about Tyler and did every thing to made him Hit hard but fail totaly.

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Links a pretty good creator.
He’s one of the best to watch

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League Season 3 Shawn with Splash damage weapon. AR attacks one toon and all adjacents. Plus waste not

Don’t you think a fairly old 6* is kinda outdated when there are now characters with double his bst.

@Link is a lady, tho… :wink:

As for the response, I went with Tyler, as I envision the atk boost and crit expert as a deadly combo where the collateral dmg doesn’t build up enemy AR.

James is good with Ransack crafted, but overall I dislike him for hiding the statuses of the neighboring toon with his stop sign and he’s pretty soft on defense.

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I never watch the videos with audio on.

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