Bets on 4th major eff up of the week?

Anyone want to bet on the nature of the 4th discovered eff up of the week by these “programers” and double or nothing on if it will involve a roll back? I have PayPal ready :grin:

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This isn’t nice they’re doing their best Ok

Idk what else is planned for the weekend but they pulled the firewood so maybe that was number 4

The 4th one will be all accounts towns reset, levels reset, all toons and weapons taken away, rollback the whole game, fresh start for all, its called balancing :smiley:


No bro 7 stars are the upcoming balance.

Sorry guys game has gotten blah blah blah so in an effort for our players and ti better the overall experience we will be rolling out 7’s next month or so :confused:

Nah theres still a lot more they can do to further break 6 stars first. We havent even seen the first 45 AP 6 star yet

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Oh there’s already been 4.

  1. The turkey map drops
  2. Wrong gear for Andrea
  3. Picking the worst possible option in response to Andrea-gate
  4. The 2 knife types

Don’t forget that blue Morgan is bugged. If you use him on auto in anything other than pvp, the game can freeze. Also his maim on active isn’t working either.


Dont forget about the new screen bug since the update causing half the screen to be black or messed up for droid users

Lmao that sounds real good and a refreshing start. Cannot wait till that day. :blush:

That’s kinda what they did when 6* started lol

They’ll have a tournament where the rewards and milestones are very good and very useful, where the players universally agree it’s the very best Scopely has ever provided.

Oh wait, they’ll never make this mistake :joy::rofl::man_shrugging:


I would take a bet against that all day!

Also since the last update my game has been resetting like territories onln when I finish farming a world stage. Nothing is ever bug free but damn how about just a little proper testing to prevent all these major ones. Last time I checked that’s what beta is for not just to promote the next festure that we dont want.

New mess up. Scopley needs to put a translator in the chatrooms. Im all for different languages, but its hard to understand without using translate. Please fix this.

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Season 2 of leagues Monday-Tuesday I could guess what the problems will be but I no longer like to give the devs any ideas.

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