Beta Update Reset issue

I updated my game this morning and am now stuck In a reset loop. Survival Club pops up as if I have just joined (currently not a member). Then the game resets and it happens again.

Passed on to the team for investigation. Working to resolve beta issues as quickly as possible. Thanks for sharing and let us know if anything changes.

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Thank you

Idem pour moi, quand cela sera t’il résolue ?


I just had the same thing happen to me I didnt realize it happened to others as well

Checked again this morning, still happening :frowning:

Encore aussi :confused: si quelqu’un trouve la solution merci de partager j’en ferais de même

Enfin réussi : vider le cache, supprimer les données puis des’installer le jeu et supprimer le compte Google play. Installer walking dead sur un autre support, s’inscrire a la bêta puis faire la mise a jour et ensuite lier compte. Après tout sa revenir sur le 1er support, créé un nouveau compte Google play et re télécharger le jeu ainsi que la mise jour (inscription bêta) Voilà bonne galère et merci scop lol

i had the same issue for most of the day … it always seems to be a certain type of account that has the same beta issues.

Mines still acting up and scopely emailed me telling me yo leave the program and get the public version but idk if that would di anything to my account

I’ve never had a problem with it til now so mad I cant get on to claim the cones from onslaught

A part créé un nouveau compte Google play je n’ai pas trouver d’autre solution, des que j’essaie de remettre mon 1er compte sa re bug du coup bah pas le choix de garder le nouveau compte Google et la niquel tout fonctionne

Mines still resetting, lost nearly 2 days of progress now including tournies, maps ect. Should of been fixed or a message gone up regarding this by now.

Right mines been doing it since 7pm yesterday and its now 12pm the next day

I’ve tried contacting scopley but they made it seen like I wanted to quit the beta program and that’s not what I asked them

Same thing happening here no luck getting it back

I’ve tried messaging support and takes them forever to give an answer back and then they gave me an answer to a question I didnt even ask

Yep me too…