Beta Update Bug (Don't Ignore This, Scopely)

Scopely, you need to fix this for your players. Those who went to Beta to try the Combat Mods update are stuck in a game crash loop and cannot play the game, or participate in any events, or anything at all.

You either remove this update from Beta until you find out why in the world this is happening or simply give a new update with a fix for this bug. With so many people being locked out of the game, it won’t take much before we throw everything in the air and quit the game.

@kalishane @CombatDevIl

You seriously need to help us out here.

I was stuck in the game crash loop. Realized there was an update I hadn’t downloaded. Fixed the issue.

The only version avaiable for me in the store is 11.0.2, and nothing else. I tried of everything, even downloading the game through other platforms, but still experiencing the same game crash.

I’m stuck in this crash loop also. Started yesterday. I’ve uninstalled and re downloaded, tried switching between devices, cleared game data and caches, nothing seems to work.

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Hey, @LucasMonroe, we are aware of this issue and addressing it.


I can’t attack in territories after update, it just takes my energy…

Hey, try clearing the data and see if it crashes, please?

they looking into this matter in a different thread

Cleared data, still happening Android

Bet we still combat mods released to production without adequate testing :joy:

It actually worked. I’ll see if I can access my other regions other than Beta 4.

Edit: The game’s working perfectly. Thanks for the fix!

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@CombatDevIl I cleared data,cache and cookies and game still crashes at load screen.

Android or iOS?

Android. The game’s a bit more laggy, though. But nothing game-breaking.


Help me please with game crashing

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