Beta testing no.1

So I’ve been a beta tester for a few hours… I love alot of the new features like arenas and it’s great to test out. In the screen shot I’ve shown I’ve run into multiple instances where in arenas characters dont have weapons where is Connie’s default bat ? I’ve only encountered this issue in arenas. I will continue to post bugs and stuff whenever I come across them #playersunited

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How are you sure she isn’t just punching your characters to death?


Yes I’m pretty sure Scopely is aware of this. Also if you’re putting in a defence the characters’ weapons don’t match with what they’re supposed to have. Will provide a screenshot.

lol love that

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The dreaded Hammerfist


Click on them you will see they are sporting weapons from other characters like alphas chainsaw, or etc.

Makes the toons a bit more difficult to deal with.

Yes I showed above a screenshot of a random defence. Look at the weapons.

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You try it again on the classic one that’s up right now? The classic on mine shows like it should be

I haven’t been on beta today, will check soon.

I posted in the beta thread about what I think your talking about and tagged GR in it

Screenshot_20190810-232130 I thought people were hacking with these insane amounts. Nope, it’s a bug.

Nope not a bug. There are no bugs in Scopely’s products. You must be mistaken or a heretic. :wink:

Been seeing this as well.

Donny and Eric look like they’re about to shout hadoken

Yes and if you check their weapons it’s likely you’ll see some character bound weapon somehow (Like Romanov’s flamethrower or Sawyer’s Chainsaw).

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