Beta Testing Arenas

While playing in Beta 4 Region myself and others have come across something quite odd. I’ve tried support, and commenting on the google play rate thing, that just doesn’t cut it.

While in the Champions Arena I noticed that the 5* characters were carrying weapons that were attached to Legends. Don’t know if this was intentional, a bug, or what but attached photos show exactly what I’m talking about.

I dont understand? All those weapons look like normal unfinished 4 star weapons that 5 stars always used and have nothing to do with “legends” (whatever that means)

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It’s five stars and below only , the toons are using weapons that are bound to six star characters such as ricks handblade, Dale’s impair gun etc etc

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Pretty sure you can create or buy those weapons

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Not all thou I should of looked closer🤗

Toons carrying weapons they shouldn’t be able to has been noted previously. I don’t think there has been an official response though.

Look at the names and stats and everything else. One is Glenn’s absdef wrench attached to the G2 Glenn. One is dales impair pistol. One is Alice’s impair pistol. Etc

Also, there’s 3 dots showing crafts. Notice how none of them are green??

Yes these 5 and 4* are equip with bound weapons of other legends which are not ever interchangeable. Also those weapons cannot be purchased from shop or crafted as they re BOUND WEAPONS. clearly a glitch

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Arena is an unfun, terribly thought-out gamemode.

I disagree. I enjoyed it. But that’s neither here nor there.

I know what your talking about my violet was using Shiva claws as a weapon and in battle she used her fist I thought it was epic and I actually don’t mind having invisible weapons :slightly_smiling_face:

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almost all weapons in arenas were messed up, i was getting stunned and confused all over the place without toons that could do those things


yet another example of weapons that aren’t supposed to be there. @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely. I know this isn’t yalls boat but can it get pushed to have a Beta Line chat PLEASE… this is slightly out of hand.

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How does Shawns attack animation play out?
Does he lunge like Shiva, or still hit like normal?

Normal hit

That was setting def on arenas. So I couldn’t tell ya

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