Beta test group?


I have been waiting a long time to become a beta user. The page i was sent to states i am. However, i have no beta regions. I want to be a part of creating this awesome game!


Hi @vo64, what version are you currently playing on your device?

A new version of the game is available in Android Beta. Please download

It might not just be you, I have seen others not being able to see the regions either.


Hey, mind telling why does it take a long time to get accepted? It’s been months already since I’ve asked to join! =3


I finally got it. Just took awhile. Thx!


It took me like 8 months to get onto Beta. Its not as great as it use to be. No more free coins.


You missed the massive freebies of older 5*s to use to play around with like Teresa and blue Michonne :frowning: They were gifted to the mailbox.

But glad you got in (finally).


why are you even trying for BETA testing… when all active servers are ALPHA testers…


But… That doesn’t make any sense. Now that Beta is open to public test, they should give those Freebies again, at least to the newcomers, if they want more players testing future implementations.

Why haven’t they done that now?..


Because there’s nothing new to test right now. Usually these freebies come out when there’s something new to the game or I guess when Scopely needs some more data (which they probably don’t right now).