Beta regions gone? V.2 (title was taken)

So did scopely give up on beta testing anything the beta regions ain’t there for me anymore (and yes I’m a beta tester)

Did you update?

They normally go shortly before an update in my experiance (mine are gone atm as well)

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There is no update rn

Oh ok. I’m a beta tester also but cant get in game right now

Lost my beta game too, I cleared the cache and still nothing?

Regions are the beta test you crazy people.


As someone stated above, the beta regions usually disappear for awhile when they are preparing to implement a new beta update.


Well said lol. Let’s see if they listen to you.


How do you get in the beta?

  1. Clear your google app store cache
  2. Start google app store, go to twd game and check if there is a twd update available
  3. (Note that under twd title it says “Beta” in brackets and below some words that you r a beta tester)
  4. If there’s an update install it.
  5. Start twd and check the regions. Now the beta regions should show up between all the “normal” regions
  6. If there are no beta regions they are obviously offline

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