BETA Region: Please help, Support Request


Hi everyone,

Is there a way to opt out of the BETA region?


Yes, via the same link you used to sign up for it.


yeah, but the region still appear in the game.


I would wait until the next update goes live for all regions, and if it’s still there, uninstall and reinstall the game. From what I understand, between when an update goes live in Beta, and when it goes live to all, there can be issues if you uninstall and reinstall. Thankfully, I left when there was no intermediate time between the updates, so I can’t speak from experience there.


Hello guys I recently joined the forum but I have been playing this game for years. Anyhow anyone know how can I join the beta region I cannot find it


You have to Install Google + and join the Walking Dead Beta Group. After they accepted you, you will have to wait a few Days until u can see the Beta Regions.


Just deinstall Google+ if u don´t need it anymore. Or Leave the Group. They dissappeared after a few Days.


I did I have to wait until they accept me then


Y the average Time was 24~48 hours i think (maybe more)


3months here :stuck_out_tongue: