Beta Region needs

I got the characters in beta region through the beta stash, but it would help a lot if we got more raid cans, world energy, because my dog tags are limiting my ability to fully test out a team of tier 4 6*s.

Expand roster sizes, more ways to buy or farm wrinkled shirts and gloves please. Also reduced armory times.

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And some roadmaps


The entire dogtag system should just go away. You can use a max t4 team at level 30 and getting to level 30 is not a hard accomplishment. It’s just an annoyance in beta.

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Also more character tokens. I want to test the game and the toons I’ve always wanted (looking at you Amy)

U already get a massive xp boost in beta u can get to level 30 on beta in about a week without problems don’t moan until u bother playing a bit…

This is not a problem if u can’t put in a few hours work to use those toons then you don’t rele deserve to.

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