Beta region needs upgrades!

Don’t you guys who are testers in Beta Region think that they should keep leagues running and give us testers there more events as well?? I mean what’s the use if being a tester if you there’s no new toons to obtain like s class and stuff like that?? Or even fac events? It seems to me that Beta region is dead. Wish they can upgrade it a little bit.

That’s what beta is for. Testing new things, there is nothing new right now, so beta is dead. It’s not designed for a player to make their home there


What event? There’s nothing new right now so there’s nothing to test. We’re just given new toons anyways, it’s silly to have events just to test them.

And who tf wants to grind out an event in beta???

Events in beta (tournaments I think he’s talking about) often give out coins as rewards and milestones, so I’d assume a lot of people would.

Those events only happen if there’s something new or if there’s something that needs testing. Nothing needs testing = nothing going on in beta.

Actually there was a level up I believe when there wasn’t even anything going on and it had coins as milestone rewards.

Sure I have tons of toons in beta but they don’t let us upgrade weapons quickly to see how toons work with good weapons.

See, this is the type of stuff I’m asking about.

Yes would help with testing teams and toons out

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