Beta Region? How Do I Do It?

For beta region how do you get the regions cuz I want to test for gear tokens and friendly raids

Let’s just say I applied 10 months ago and Sri haven’t been accepted

I waited a year and it wasn’t worth it, you don’t want any part of this shit, fucks up your main game every time there is a big with a new update.

the question is not how do you do it but why should you do it

Being in beta gives you Early Access to new features and helps the progression and development of the game at the cost of running into bugs earlier as well.

The beta thread in Google Plus isn’t as well maintained as it used to be, which I suspect is also the reason acceptance has slowed/stopped.

yeah ive been in beta, and had a great time when i was locked out of a war becuase of being in beta whilst all my faction mates were warring, great fun

also, having to actually meet i.e. level requirements or purchase items like war refills etc to test their own game for them is another great selling point

Not disagreeing with you there. Sometimes the bugs are felt more than the features. And it’s work.

But if a player is cool with that, here’s the link:

Beta Tester Join Link (Android only)