Beta region help


I just got accepted into the beta, I have heard / seen that in the past new users were sent gear and toons to try out the new features such as ascendance. Does anyone know if they still do this. Or do I need to be a certain level to recieve this


You only get the starting tokens, you will not recive these ascendance gifts anymore as it was a limited time event to pre test ascendance out, like right now faction assaults shop is 1 token for everything when its released into main regions its more than likely to be reset to normal pirces


They will send you stuff depending on what they want testing. ATM it’s Negan in a tank. I guess they’ve sent fill and stuff like that to help out


Oh ok I thought they sent you stuff to get started. Pretty hard to test out negan in a tank with a B grade team😂


Lol got nothing just no cap on max tickets per day and a cheap shop


yeh unfortunately your not gonna be able to help much, they should probably give you access to a lot more at the start so you can test things, but they dont, the easiest way to see this is in the crw beta region 1 most people have full maxed teams of special weapons as they were given out to test the armoury , and those who joined afterwards dont so are severly behind on that department, and as the other regions never tested armoury out there miles behind