Beta region error, need help

I went to switch regions this AM. As normal, clucked on the 2nd one down as I only play 2. However Scopely moved up beta regions 1st so I accidentally joined. Now I get a constant loop where it reboots before I can click anything at all. Has anyone experienced this and if so, how did you fix it? @GR.Scopely

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Having the same problem Cujo. Endless loop. I tried clearing the cache and re-installing the game to no avail. I entered a support ticket yesterday, but no response yet. Very frustrating.

How did you do a support ticket without being able to get in? Probably a dumb question.

I used the scopely’s online support portal:


Glad i didnt decide to join. Knew something was up as beta isn’t normally available on ios

This is an issue also outside of beta, its an issue that is going on with a lot of people actually and of course scopely will just remain silent

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Well guess this tourney is shot then. Sure glad I used some cans last night to keep up.

Im having the issue getting on to my alt region, and because of this loop I cant collect my league coins, which is a bit annoying, and i cant play on that region now.

@Shawn.Scopely @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely you’re gonna have bigger issues than some coins taken from your “finite coin vault” if people lose their accounts. Look how many have this issue, take it to the team, thanks!

Thanks for trying to help, but this will get ignored. Sad that a nearly 4 year active login streak is gonna come to end due to poor programming.

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What kind of moron has beta regions added to the top of the region list? Oh wait…forgot we are in scopely land. Move that crap down, this shouldnt even be an option on IOS, but most certainly put at top like its some sort of priority. Beta sucks flat out, not useful in the sense all your content is riddled with bugs. Name one event that never had a bug that interfered with game play?

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Same here Cujo. I have been locked out for over 17 hours now. Maybe a good omen to finally find a new hobby :slight_smile:

Support last time told me account code is worthless, need to be linked to FB. Now they won’t help without a code. Hey left hand, what ya doing over there?

Ok, its been close to 24 hours now of being locked out. Still not resolved. Are others still having problems with this yet?

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