Beta Pull Results!


By popular demand, he is back in Premier Recruits. Post your results here!!!


Lol. Popular request


Yes pull for me :laughing:


Beta is so solid.

Everytime I face him… he’s like Unstoppably tanky and just shits everywhere all over me…

I would pull for him, but I just can’t stand his hideous look. ^&^


0 pulls
0 Betas


How dare u call me hideous


download (13)


0 pulls, 1 beta…boss status.

Quadruple entendre, don’t ask me how :sunglasses:



Beta is the most awesomely useless toon in the game!


You can do it people, lets support this great game! Beta has hidden stats probably, scopely will say something about it after premiere time finishes. Even if he doesn’t I’m sure many should pull cause it is prestigious thing to have all 6*s right?