Beta or Sophia who to choose

For the players who don’t get Sandy or Bruce
Would you go for Beta or for Sophia and why?

Beta. Have Sophia already :joy:
But I’m gunna get Bruce :ok_hand:

Decap sandy will be mine :slight_smile: already have bruce and beta. Don’t see the appeal of Sophia tbh

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Depend what attack team you using.

i have 2 sandys, so its sophy or bruce, but I dont know yet

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Bruce for me, disarm has managed to elude me for far too long.

you guyz are not helping him/her . he asked a simple question who sho he choose between sophia and beta since lots of players cant get bruce or sandy due to mass difficulty leven in these roadmap… i will say sophia is better option her sepcialist skill is pain in the as when defending


To OP: Sophia over Beta.
She can be nasty in the right defense team. Beta doesn’t really add much.

In general. If you don’t have a disarm, get Bruce.
If you don’t have Bruce, i’d still get him over Sandy.
If you have Bruce and Sandy, get another Sandy.


i go for beta couse i dont have melee neutralize

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sophia seams more useful imo :man_shrugging:

From defence perspective you are right.

But assuming OP is a fairly low level / new player (I assume that is why they do not feel that Bruce or Sandy are obtainable) then they should focus on their attack and what works with their roster. Beta is a decent melee option with a decent rush. Despite being weakened by the introduction of impair resist mods, neutralise remains a great specialist skill. Sophia would be a nice support toon (because of the defence down aspect of her rush) if OP has a stronger ranged set-up to pair her with.

I will go for Sophia, I dont have alot of blue def chars, and Beta is useless all the way.

Sophia can restore her entire health pretty fast, and she can confuse.

Meanwhile, Beta Cuck is solely AP-based. He takes AP and gives AP. Plus neutralize. You can mod him with AP drain and give Abs weapon for giggles.


Would definitely go with Sophia. That Vitality is great.

I kinda like them both. Sophia is working well for me on defense and Beta can be fun on attack with his AP gain/drain. So it really depends on what works best with your current roster.
If you need a ranged defense toon - Sophia
If you need a yellow attack toon/neutralizer - Beta

Sophia :cry:
Wanted Sandy so bad but can’t get her

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Sophia wouldn’t be bad for ranged attacker.Beta Special doesn’t work very well because impair resist mod pretty stupid.

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