Beta no waste counts not on both rush targets

I pulled for Beta because the combination of his adrenaline rush 2x1200% with „no waste“ seemed to be quite interesting and gave him sense to use him in some situation instead of princess.
Now after I maxed him and test arround I need to realize that if you have enough dmg to kill 2 opponents with his rush, only the rest damage of one killed opponent counts to one additional opponent. So you only can hit maximum 3 targets and this makes no sense for me. I understand that if the additional damage kills one that this doesnt count another time but the rush itselves killes 2 targets out of one first g source.

There will be a future update to waste not where two will be able to proc in one turn.


Isn’t killing 3 enough


if they use pain split u can kill them all

Killing 3 would be enough but with a lot of high def teams popping up you wont. And if it is only on three targets it is better to rush with mercer round 1 (3 targets) or with princess turn two where you have the flexibility to use taunt on three instead. Guess Beta makes only sense if you sacrifice some team damage to make him strong and get no waste damage on two additional targets.

I won’t have him for 6 months so I hope they nerf the fk out of him lmao🤗


thats not very kind of you

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:he does look good

well yeah

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6 months? You’re being very hopeful if you’re F2P or even a mid-range spender. The cards won’t even be attainable for about a year lol.


Yea cards for newer toons dont start coming out for like 3 to 4 months we got lucky woth a few recently with trader but the norm for card releases is a few months and I’m saying about a year if not longer cause to get 10k cards will take forever if you cant get 1st in any events which I cant ever cause I dont drop a ton of money anymore

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Sorry to nitpick at this, but “proc” stands for programmed random occurence. The correct term would have been “activate”.

So far all waste not characters were single targets only, so the code didn’t need to consider multiple activation (pain split could have killed both splitters, but the damage transfered out from the primary target). Now that Beta comes with targetting two, the code needs updating…

Shawn has Waste Not and his rush hits an enemy and all adjacent. It was heavily questioned when he came out why Waste Not would only activate on one additional toon.

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One answer to this is for that ability to cause both remaining damage to coincidentally focus on a single remaining target.

Language evolves and proc is commonly used as a verb now.

I stand corrected - forgot about Shawn!

Sure, but the meaning behind the neologistic verb “to proc” is still “to trigger a programmed random occurence” and as such it should not be used for cases where no RNG comes into calculation.

If you had him now, they’d nerf him. If you won’t have him for six months, rest assured that he will either be massively nerfed or the meta will have slid so far such as to render him absolutely useless. No need to “hope”.

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