Beta game crashes during raid tournament

Latest beta update keeps rebooting after 13 seconds. All was fine with this update but while raid tournament is active it keeps looping, booting, crashing.

Getting this as well. Managed to score about 800,went to burn the wood for scrap and ended up in a restart loop.

If it matters, I went straight into raids this morning so it only started happening after I went to the town and my Level Up results and prestige crate came in.

The bloody game always starts in town… So going to raids isn’t working, because finding an opponent is taking too long and the game crashes again

Well I’ve scored 800 and now can’t do shit, so something worked for me

Same thing happens to me too. Annoying but typical of scopely

What I do find typical is the fact that Scopely isn’t answering or helping. We are testing their software so a little appreciation, understanding and help would be great!

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