Beta for 5 bucks

@JB.Scopely is this another mistaken sale ? This offer has been popping up for certain people on regions

I would really like a 6* beta for 5 bucks but the sale isnt showing up for many people

Much like the green token offer , I hope this is made available to all at the same price.


The other thread had a screen capture of response from Customer Service stating that offers are individualized based upon account activity. It may not be offered for some accounts.

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Please read the full description. It is only 50% off, so some will be forced to pay the full $9.99 :joy::joy:

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Maybe only for inactive people :thinking::open_mouth:

It’s a garbage toon you would think they would want to make as many sales as possible so why limit it to only a select group of people. I’ve spent more than $5 on stupid stuff before as I’m sure most of you have as well.

Most of the time the things they do make no sense.


These are the types of offers they make on new regions. I’m surprised I got it on my main. I mean I passed on it though.

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Still overpriced for a trash character like him


I would have bought it for my secondary account - but didnt get it though :frowning:

Trash toon isn’t even worth a dollar dude

probably offer for newcomers since he is useless in current meta

I haven’t seen this offer pop up… do you pay Scopely $5 or do they pay you?

  • i play every day :thinking:
  • do all my milestones :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
  • even won some level ups touneys :slightly_smiling_face:

But i believe i get that offer cuz i stop spending in the game, no more $10 montly, no more SC, nothing, maybe its a cheap offer to make us spend even if a Little :thinking:

this offer its only for Apple. (I Think)

Yes considering how not useful he is I’m surprised he costs that much. Should of been in the bargain bin for $.99 for how much he is going to hurt your team then help it.

I didn’t get the offer at all a member in my faction did thanks scopely once again

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Yup I’ve looked all day and never seen this offer in game while others in my faction have a new cheap 6*

My response about it, confused about requirements, I’m same prestige and level as few mates that got it.

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aka they track how much you spend and will ‘lowball’ the more frugal players, while exploiting those with the inability to realize a bad deal and waste of money when they see it.

Its greasy as hell, and the fact they do it so blatantly out in the open is crazy.

I’d say they deserve a special place in hell for it, but people are dumb enough to keep paying them, so I’m actually at the point of respecting the game.

Dummys gonna’ be dumb… someone is going to screw them out of their $$$… why not old daddy $ copes (because apparently without the space its a banned word now? when did that happen?)

Haha!! Their copy paste game is insane! Copy pasting feigns! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Nope im F2P now and didnt get that offer

Please oh please grace me with a $5 green beta offer scopely! That will def break my F2P streak! :rofl: