Beta Exclusives


Super stoked that you would hand out these 5-Stars, not to come off sounding ungrateful but it would be greatly appreciated if you’d release the ascendance toons in beta.


Grant us the privilege to test these toons out!



At least you’re in beta, I’ve been waiting since March


Yeah its time for them to just break down and release all of these live to every player in every region.

The only thing they are good for in beta is the Assault, and leveling them is going to be a total pain.


i wish i could give you my beta… It constantly screws up the live gameplay… best bet is to avoid it… It does more harm than good.


My name is beta. I want my free exclusives


Wow, how do I get into the action?


You can always withdraw from the google plus page and go back to standard one.


Save mismatch… I am afraid of being locked out till next update goes live.