Beta Events and other stuff

Us beta users have been waiting for events to happen. And we haven’t had any in a few months and beta just seems pointless with out them.
Also I have nothing to level up my toons in beta also so some Benedicts would be lovely

And in beta All of the available 6s premier recruit or free to play ones are available. Is there any chance of having all 6s available to obtain without spending in beta =)

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Please do, Scopely. With the Beta Opening to public (All five Beta Regions, at that!), a lot of players new to the region would really want something to rely on as they test your game.

Not only you’ll have more feedback, everyone will be happy. Just 30 Elite Tokens would’t be enough to make a nice team in a Beta Region as a newcomer.

Plus, it’ll be a good challenge for those who are rocking in these servers! :wink:

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5 Beta regions… I’ve only seen 4

I counted 5, along with the old Beta Region, since they were all recently open to public without the need of asking to join. =3

I’ve only joined 4…i better have my eyes open for the 5th ahah

It’s worse on iOS. I joined beta region 4 when I saw it pop up, and before Scopely took it away. Nothing free, only a few character tokens.