Beta and dog tags


So I was given lots of gear trainers etc etc in my beta region but cant use them because im only level 6 there and i dont have enough dog tags to create a team using those cards. am i doing something wrong or is it just one of the fuck ups where there are minimum requirements even in beta?? surely i wont be trying to level up and exp in beta lol


You actually have to farm some to increase your player level to unlock higher dog tag amounts… Just like in a live region.


thats just stupid for a beta region… but what do i know…


It’s not hard to level up in beta until u reached lv 5, then if u already at lv 6 it’ll be easy enough to lv up until lv 30, when u have dog tag amount of 130 (took me around 3 or 4 days despite of me being a slacker lol).


i know, but its beta. its meant for testing. so i have to farm there to give scopely a favour…


I have the same issue. I don’t want to spend extra time farming in beta.


It is tedious, but it’s still an accelerated version of the regular game. My farms give food at a faster rate. The grind is the road maps, but it’s still easy to use one or two of the toons you get (Which are so easy to lvl up) and destroy the maps. That’s the most time consuming part.


i might give it a try


I’ve gotten some good toons. Ones that I’d never get on my main account, which is sad. I have the worst luck with that account.


yeah terese and all that, shame they were still a bit tight and not one of them is ascendable