Beta 9.0 AP Bonus Weapons

After updating to 9.0 , + AP Bonus weapons received another change (again)

Before 9.0 with 4 +8% AP Bonus to all team members :

After updating to 9.0 with the same team setup

Intended change? Or will it requires another Fix?

Thanks for reading.

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Makes me wonder how any of that is calculated

Intended for consistency’s sake

Each weapon gets calculated individually. In your first screenshot the way things were rounding on 45 AP character, the third weapon was only counting for 3 AP while weapons 1, 2, and 4 were counting for 4 AP. The fix ensures every weapon provides the same value as another weapon with the same effect.


So basically you round each instance of gained ap up or down and then add them together instead of combining them all before rounding.

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i still dont understand. can u make example

If everyone on a team is 45 ap and 2 have 8% weapons, instead of 3.6*2=7.2 resulting in 7 ap gained, it’s 3.6 rounded to 4 for each, resulting in 8 ap gained.

well thats better then isnt it?

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Yeah, not sure what Bobs is upset about.

8% of 45 AP = 3.6
16% = 7.2
24% = 10.8
32% = 14.4
Rounded is 4, 7, 11, 15
Meaning each weapon would give 4, 3, 4, 4 respectively.

The fix makes them all worth the rounded 3.6 = 4


For whom understands programming, this is the fearsome nightmare called working with floating numbers and presenting them as integers.


Sounds like an improvement. Nice work.

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i am a computer engineer aswell and can definetly say that if you work in a finance project or a project includes financial stuff this might get bad pretty ugly if you don’t pay attention to those floating numbers :smiley:


I am glad it was cleaned up. It will make forming team compositions and calculations less confusing.

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Thanks for the clarifications.

It’s “Good” or “Bad” depending on the characters you were using. In my case, it ruined a perfectly fine “Turn 2” Melee raiding team using Kate (56 AP) as a pillar for the team . (Atk Boost + Focus to bypass Shield), now for the same result I have to sacrifice 30% Atk from a leader skill. (Trading Green Jesus’s Leader skill for RTS Ezekiel)
I’m not angry about it, it’s just disturbing when you realize the change in the middle of a War

I think maybe i’ve missed the point. I thought the revision gave more ap?

I’ve used different AP cost on my screens for this purpose. ( 44 / 45 / 56 / 58 / 75 )
You can see Victor/Governor and Tyreese( 44/45/58 AP Rushes ) getting more AP per weapon with the change.
But in the case of Kate/Oberson ( 56/75 ) they are losing AP instead

Have you tried a 66? 6 ap is handy, 5 would be useless on attack

I like it. Nice fix!