[Beta 11.0] Disparity in FA reward bags


I am under the impression that the overwhelming majority of people wanted, and asked for, some greater parity in the rewards to avoid the tensions arising from FAs and to make it more of a faction event, rather than a solo competition.

The new reward bags seem to create a greater divide, giving only #1-3 a second chance at Tara gear and Benedicts.
#4-11 get a second set of gear that is available daily through roadmaps and the depot which seems a little insulting considering the time and effort it takes to acquire the necessary assault tickets and to finish the assault. It’s such a severe drop off in rewards compared to top 3 participants.
#12-30 actually get a second set of tokens instead of daily farmable gear? Not sure what the logic is there unless a compensation for getting less assault markers but still seems very odd to me.

Overall I just don’t see why there needs to be different tiered bags, at least ones that are so different. Surely just giving extra markers to the top participants is enough considering it’s a FACTION orientated event and there is already plenty of animosity arising from the current problems.


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This post is unneeded when another thread already exists, please look before you post As duplicate posts can get removed giving the option for this issue to be totally lost in the spam



This is what happens every time the community asks for something and instead gets the exact opposite.


At this point it seems intentional. Everything we ask for we get the opposite and it makes things far worse. This is insane.


That was a thread in General that seemed to just be giving people a look at the new T6 assault, though of course the difference in the bags was discussed.
I put my thread in Suggestions & Feedback to give some feedback specifically about what I feel is a step back in the reward structure and draw some attention to it. If mods deem it unnecessary then so be it.


Oh no! The forum police are here … :roll_eyes:


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