Best yellow 6* to T4?

Who is the best yellow 6* to T4 at this time, in the game? Ex: rick, zeke, negan, vincent,maggie,connor

100% zeke

Personal preference or? Never really had an issue taking down to zeke.

Zeke is gonna get the most bang for the buck. He’s extremely useful in SR and FA as well as on attack or defense.

Trust me getting any toon to t4 is not gonna make much of a difference. Go with the one you like the most.

I would agree with Ezekiel, but what about when it comes to fast/yellow leaders? Which one do you think has the best leader skill? Vincent, Barker, Rick, Gator, etc.? I would probably go with Vincent.

Zeke for Guardian II.
Vincent for all-melee lead skill.
Rick for all-fast lead skill or for Tough enemies.
Maggie for taunting/debuffing 2.
Connor for debuffing attack/defense to 3
Negan for tanking/supporting.

Pick your poison. They all their uses. Zeke may have top priority though. Then Connor. Then Maggie. VIncent. Negan. And lastly Rick. My opinion.


I would say Maggie as she’s a taunter so you want her to be able to take as many hits as possible.

Worst to t4 easily has to be barker tho :frowning:

Joshua with a good crit/atk weapon and a leader like Rick does some real dammage so getting him leveled up ain’t a bad idea either

Connor if you have him, if not then King Zeke

Where would you rank Aris?

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