Best Wyatt's weapon

I got tired of looking for stun when attacking and I put those stats to the weapon. 30 Def 30 Vit Huge PA when receiving damage It’s fine or I restore it

I have 30%hp 30% defence and ap down

Bonus Ap
Huge ap attack
Huge ap defence

20 odd tries for stun, around 8 ap down and gave up.

Feels bad all mine were first tries lol


Nice :blush: I rarely use him now. Chuck him in the odd Sr / Fa team.

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I like him on def still for now simply based off some people try to get him out last and he just rushes every time lol

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Method in the madness bud :wink:

Mine has 30 Def, Huge AP on atk, and stun on attack


After endless stun fails, went with huge on atk, huge on def, 30 def.

I have health, ap when taking damage and revive

Got stun on my 1st turn for him, almost fell of my chair… Anyways, got huge ap when taking damage and 30 def, which seems okeyish

You want Wyatt to be a tank and rush as late as possible (since he doesn’t apply any status like taunt etc… and pain split is just trash).
Mine has stun on attack, 30 def, 24 HP. I should have tried AP down.

Counter point, +60 def and bonus health makes him tankier. You want him to rush and keep rushing away the end to prolong the match.

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Jeremiah’s rush on pain split Wyatt + Governor’s rush and 2 characters are dead. Wyatt’s pain split is useless, sorry

… Took awhile to get stun but with vincent he is bomb wish I woulda got crit for att but I’m not resetting now lol

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