Best Weapon Special Stat?


Just wondering what the best special stat for a green weapon is. Revive when killing, stun on attack, or ap down when defending. Just for reference my team:


Stun resist and active skills are ruining stun weapons. Maybe AP down might be the way to go soon. Especially on defence. :thinking:


Stun on attack. Always and forever lol.
On that team… Kal will be targeted first so a AP down weapon would be okay for him, only in this instance if that’s your defense. But I’d still go stun on attack.


Stun on attack


This time last year people were bitching that stun guns were ruining the game. Making it impossible to play. Lol


The most underrated and perhaps overlooked special: 20% AP to :tough: when attacking.


They was lol :+1:


:alert::strong: stun
:fast: absolute


Yea after this feedback I’d normally do stun but ap down makes more sense for my team


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