Best Weapon for Spencer? ATTACK


Whats the best weapon for spencer on attack? im debating between double attack or impair. just not sure. and what about the two basic stats?


Impair on defence, huge bonus when attacking, 35% attack.


ooh nice. thank you. ill be working on it


If its purely for attack he’d benefit more using something like this in my opinion


Don’t spill all the secrets mofo!!!


lol ok and wahts the bonus ap one again?


Raider 3


thanks :slight_smile:


Depends on the other toons you use imo. In my setup he benefits more off impair cuz that really helps controlling opponents.


That’s a fair point, in my attack setup no one lives long enough to need impairing usually :wink:


What weapon is good for axel?


a shovel.

to bury him.


So disrespectful :roll_eyes:


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