Best weapon for Siddiq?


What’s the best weapon for Siddiq? Impair/double attack? 35 def/35hp?


Impair defense, 30 hp or 30 Def, huge ap when attacked

Same but huge ap when attackinf


Thank you!!


3* Club with crit buffs


Nice joke


Insted of impair in defence go impair on atk
Since thats not controllable on defense and so ppl have a harder time due to random news if where that could hit
35def and huge ap on to that that works extremely nice with him
However it would be nice if siddiq wasn’t the only guy in the ranged department as a command he’s really good but it be nice to see some other commands
I really would consider wither making scout or blue Morgan ascendble but that’s a pipe dream it seems


On attack perhaps, but on defense he is first to be target, unless you have a shield. Also when u use him as a command he’s not attacking so its a unused asset.


He hits softly anyways… impair on def / health / def


I use this, but it definitely could be better if the defense stat was a crit


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