Best weapon for michelle?

I dont know how to craft michelles weapon.any help pls?how will work best in attack?thanks.

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40% attack, huge bonus when attacking and bleed


Others ideas? Thanks.

She’s an attacking toon so i’m sticking with the bleed option and crafting as PlatinumChip said

Each to their own, can go abs def or 8% if you really wanted but its a unique weapon so im keeping

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Go for Huge ap on attack first so when earl does his thing which is to fail you can reset it until he gives it to you by accident.

Then pray to the Gods and try to get Earl to give you a 5% attack bonus twice in a row.

No reason to mess with the special. It’s a good one. If you have or get either Davey, yShiva, or a future R/Y lacerator toon things could get interesting.

8%, always the answer


I’d go for the 8%, best stat for attack and defence.

I’m going for 8% because I already have unique defense lined up but for you i would go 40 attack huge and bleed.


Would do the same as platinum said if you got lacerator. I’ve tried her raw weapon and its really strong i can take out a shield easily and i dont even bother with adrenalines.

I apply like 1900 bleed turn 1, turn 2 i decapitate the shield and apply like 1500 bleed stack to another character and so on.

She is an attacking character, so I would do huge AP on attack and more attack. For the special slot, it’s pretty decent so I would consider leaving it, but the meta seems to be shifting to 8% AP for all so that would be a great choice as well.

Random question regarding 8%. I crafted a crit random 20% for Michelle’s weapon but it seems to only apply in the very beginning of the raid, not every turn. Does the 8% to all apply at the beginning just the same or is it per turn?

They all apply at the beginning of each wave, so for raid at the beginning of the raid only.

Oh well that’s much more trash than I though. Especially when everyone on your attack team has Huge AP on attack weapons plus lead anyway. I’ll keep the bleed and go for +40 attack :confused:

Dont insult the 8% ap boost, that is the hype train everyones riding right now, will make people angry.

Personally id keep her bleed, esp if you have someone like shiva or davie


Bleed is great once you no how to use it. Its more to soften up a target more than kill.
Mad thing about this one is it who u plan to run in the team with her changes the plans I have for her.
For now it’s attack so huge ap and 40 attack for next war.
After I may change her to a defence toon but.
I was also tempted to do a blue michonne and put crit on to help bleed pop but the test is next war.

The idea of 8% is to put together a team to pop off ap a round early and end the raid before the other team pops. 1 8% likely won’t do that you need a combination of the right toons and weapons.

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Crib doesn’t help cause the bleed.