Best weapon for Laopo and mods?

Hey guys,

I was lucky to get abs weapon once for green and consider give it to Laopo but it’s HP? Should I change hers mods to be more HP then to boost the HP?

Anything that has ap on attack is gud imo as laopo main point is her rush

Saaaaay what!!! LOL I’m asking because I’m confused what to do…

What do you mean his laopo is t3 lvl 4? He’s had it for at least 3-4 days now, soooooooo… not shiny

Right now i use this for laopo. And also for daiyu

How did you get it ?

I’d recommend aiming for 50ap down, Ap on attack, Ap on def, 50% hp. Hp rather than def will really help with Ap on def.
Mods: HP set, HP bonus, Impair resist, Stun Resist, def against Red and Ap down, Reflect or Graze… With the focus on hp rather than def, reflect will work really well.

Idea behind this build on def is that opponents need to deal with Laopo before she ARs, but in doing so, you have to hit a toon with Ap down, increasing her Ap massively with each attack, and Reflect damage. On attack, it would also work really well.

That would be an ideal. If course you could go for a defence boost instead of HP. Laopo doesn’t need att or crit.


This weapon the ideal to build

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