Best weapon and combat mods for erika

Hello Survivors,

Please share your best setup for combat mods and weapons mods for erika as def toon. Best in sense of most reliable defends in normal raids n wars.

Sharing setup as pics would be appreciated nonetheless. Thank you

Keep surviving

If i had extra stun resist mods i would use them on her too but i like to spoil my attack toons more then defense toons


Really? I tend to put my best on defense toons, whatever is left over goes on attack. You can control things on attack but not defense.

Sorry OP, dont use Erika any longer. There are still a few good Erika teams out there but few and far between.

RIP pretty lady

yep , i feel that attack is more important than defense and green stuns combined with bad RNG is very nasty sight to see :joy:

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to the depo with erika.

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She’s still one of the best all-around toons to have in the game. War is something that only happens twice a month meanwhile we have daily roadmaps and SR. She makes the daily grind so much easier.

If you insist on saying she’s past her prime with Dale now on the prowl now you can say the same for every other healer/reviver on defense. The Shield/Revive/Bonus
HP timeout meta is on its way out. About time.

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