Best way to use mods?


In general, do you mostly decide on the best set attribute for a character (for the set bonus) and then use the best mods for that character out of these set ones, or put the best 5 mods , and treat the set bonus as a bonus - great if u get it, no big deal if you don’t


My approach is set bonus focused, but if I have a mod out of that set worth using then I will. So maybe 4 att set bonus mods and then one that is something else, because I really need stun resist for example. Definitely go with set focused though for that extra boost.


I would also like to know :slight_smile:


Do you have specific toons you are trying to mod successfully? Post them here and your available mods if you’d like some feedback


It depends on the mods, but the bonus adds a lot so I try to get the minimum bonus every time. Some mods I would ignore the bonus, like anti-stun, ant-impair, attack stat. Other than that, I would get the bonus.

I wouldn’t just put the 5 best and leave it since that seems wasteful. You can always spread your 5 best out over your other chars and get bonus’ that way.


I prioritize set bonus. Having 3k+ attack or defense on a tune is no joke.


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