Best way to get supply points

Was wondering. Besides toons and weapon selling

war crates

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Weapon selling? Please. 150 for a 4⭐ weapon is not a good deal. Your best way of getting supply markers IS toons. These tourneys, especially the solo ones, is practically giving away supply markers by giving those who put the slightest effort into it a free Benedict, that goes for 1170 markers. Plus dozens of Liliths, Ulysses, and/or active trainers, which go for 390 markers. In addition, there’s the Burts and persona trainers that can be obtained from persona-specific training and trainers that are occasionally given as milestone rewards. Training 3-5⭐s on the side also help. The Scav missions You Got Lucky and New Moon Fever have a random encounter that rewards you with 200 supply markers of you complete it and the mission Moths To A Flame have a clear reward of 300. It takes 5 days to complete however. And if you’re desperate, sell any 3-5⭐ toons you get from tokens of they’re dupes or too damn useless. And of course, there’s the war crates that gives you either 50, 75, 125, or 150 supply markers. There’s also prestige awards that gives you a certain amount depending on your prestige level. It’s not a lot though.

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giving up benedicts, lillith, ulysses or aden is the most stupid thing you can do… I no way the supply points gotten from them make up for the loss. Remember the only way to level up the attack rush and active skill of a 6* are with those trainers. and benedicts are a must have to be sure you dont feed a 5* to ascension that become valuable later.

Trainers aren’t that hard to come by. Got tons of persona trainers from training. Basic trainers came from milestone, tourney rewards, and Elite Tokens. And toon fodder comes from tokens, training, and lucky drops from 23-8. I’ve stockpiled for months on end waiting for someone worthy to show up in the depot. Trust me when I say that pawning off a couple trainers is worth having another legacy toon. Better than tokens and training grounds because it’s guaranteed. And with Liliths, Ulysses, and active skill trainers being rewarded in pretty much every event, is it really that bad to sell a couple off? Building up Supply Markers can be a long, tedious task for some. Pawning off a couple of fodder every week is good for making sure you have enough fodder to buy a needed toon when it shows up. I saved two Bennies that way.

Just sayin.

I have way too many of this sacrifical 5* (Kenny is a Duplicat)

Yet you have a roster full of maxed 4* toons?

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Yeah, for Ascendance and the characters I will always keep

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