Best way to get solo trophies

I’ve seen people with as low as 1300k rep s6 plus teams in 1st place by a distance. What’s the best way to gain so many trophies.

raid. tis all

Not sure about this part unless they have a very active team but war would be #1 i’ve gone from garbage rank to top 10 whenever war hits.

Do you mean 1300 rep or 1300k rep. Both are vastly different from each other…

Non-LU Tournament placements help a lot. When I place first in domination arena, my rankings jump quite a bit too.

Wait until half way into the tournament when people on the server have had a chance to drop def. Then search until you find 5 star or lower leaders. Searching 4 or 5 extra times and then raiding is far quicker IRL terms than raiding decent defences every time, and most of the time when the tournament is half way in, you won’t need to search 4 or 5 times for a dropped def.
The exception to this is after a load of people who haven’t dropped defence lose their shield at around the same time, then it might take more searching to find dropped bots. If this happens, it’s worth raiding them to put them back into shielded status and then the dropped bots should reappear regularly again.

Edit: hang on, just realised you aren’t talking about raid trophies. Ignore all that.

Just raid with all free energy, war, arena and Onslaught whenever you can and you should pass a decent amount of the milestones. Faction placement gets you decent solo tokens as well and the last stretch is solo tokens instead of gold as prizes. Finishing high in tournaments and arenas is the best way to achieve solo trophies.

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My bad lol 1300 rep

Solo tournaments and arena

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