Best way to build Disarm weapons?


1 - Crit makes most sense since DIsarm goes off based on Crit.
2 - Weapon “Trait” (Stun for Bruce, Confuse for Michonne etc.)
3 - ??? Atk (assuming used mostly/only on atk teams). AP on atk since they have very good ARs? Something else?


AP / Full Crit / Confuse for Michonne
Crit/AP/Stun for Dave


Follow up questions? Go full crit mod set (with a crit chance mod inserted in there of course)? or Atk?


You still need her to attack and do damage.

The most optimal is Attack set
Attack / Crit Chance / Trait damage* / Crit Damage / Resist Stun or Impair

*: Depends on which trait you want, I use attack against blue to shred against Magna


I built my michonne weapon to be confuse, huge AP and Attack. The crit chance mod works enough for me, especially placing a Dwight at lead


Behind Dwight, her disarm is boss but behind other leads, not so much. I actually reset her weapon and went crit instead of attack.