Best war ever thank you


This has been by far the best war ever. Zero waiting time, more than fair matchmaking, lots of variety in opponents teams, very balanced towers. Just and enjoyable experience all round


you forgot /sarcasm off


Oh and fantastic rewards, how could I forget the rewards


I am so touched, my faction mates and I are over joyed with “tears”, and every top faction is now dedicated to pursue a top 10 spot if it’s still reachable by the 0 waiting time.


It’s a glorious time to be a part of such a fantastic game isn’t it


Surely it is, a game that makes the fine of the finest people weep, the strong the strongest shiver, the calm of calmest break. There is no other better place to refine your personality and test your limits. Time does tell, how glorious this place can be.


After a couple of hours playing my head feels so peaceful and serene, it feels as if I have been staring into the eyes of god himself.


You forgot to mention the huge amounts of war cans that are dropping


on to the next thread


We need Dr. Sloth in here, asap


More like Dr Kevorkian


Me and my girls






Look at that turtle! So cuuuuuuuute!3807


hey ted, you been dead for years, what brings you to the party? all the dead chicks?




I set you up and you delivered. :sunglasses:


I may not be the hero the forums need but im what they deserve. Or some shit like that.


Nope. That was set up perfectly. Pregolori > you