Best trolls in the game

I really want to know who is ARGUABLY the best troll in the game. The forum is a bonus but what is the most funny, crazy, wrong, or attempts meaning you created a account in another region just to troll in that’s not your main. What levels of crazy have been inflected or suffer. Is their a king and queen or a Quing lol before scopely hush up the way people talk with this new update.

Full disclosure that i am not intending to make some truly relive some really far out experiences that is way to personally and out of line. Nor I am not trying to instigate anything too serious.

Just something I thought of to pass the time. Maybe we can laugh or maybe you all tell me this is a bad idea and ill say you are right.

That guy who claims to be the best free-2-play player


Not Kodak. He is the best non-troll.


I had someone allegedly waiting to fight me in a parking lot in a city I’m nowhere near, but I’d bet they didn’t show up either.


I’ve been told by a lot of people on here since i joined that I’m a troll but they just can’t handle the TRUth.

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I Am ThE nuMbEr OnE fReE tO PlAy In ThE gAmE


Of course @JB.Scopely. Telling players token rewards are for the sunflower stash and then later saying it isn’t :clown_face::crazy_face:


The free 6* shield post deserves an honourable mention in my opinion.


Scopely definitely.


By which you mean… his boss for expecting him to be able to answer questions but making him get his information from the same place as the rest of us, on VK.

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Hi (insert name)

Sorry to hear about the issue.

Please do file a report to our support crew as they’ll be able to look into it, and compensate your account accordingly.

Thank you!

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Someone threatened to come round to our houses and murder us and bury us in his basement. All because I wouldn’t declare war and wanted to wait half an hour.

As he lives in Memphis and I live in Britain, I think héd have had a problem getting my dismembered corpse through airport security. Lol

But support were the best trolls when we all tried to complain and we got « sorry to hear you’ve been having problems. Keep on surviving. »


Has to be Scopely by far.

Took our money and told us to keep on surviving.


Yer scopely are not only the best trolls on this game they havta be the biggest troll’s of all time!

Best troll I saw was when character profile cards could be set. If you didn’t set one, or sold the character you had a blank picture and, when you messaged someone, it showed the same “WD” logo that official Scopley messages use.


Dude that was a good troll when someone knew that and made a in game message to someone then that person that got the message came to the forum flipping out lmao.

That got me so many times.

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Best Troll in the game used to play in Jenkins, he is in Morgan now. Leif. Ducky.

Created 30 or so accounts on here posing as other players, just to troll the Jenkins region before transfer.


They are all kids. In reality, or mentally…


It was a good troll but people fueled it for sure.