Best There Is, Was and Ever Will Be


Oh my gosh, another VampireBill post… here to talk about how great he and Wolfpack are…

Well, I am here this time to say I hope you’re all wearing your stretchy pants. It’s time to squat down low for a bow to the best troll the forum has ever known.

Y’all got played.

I am not nor have I ever been a member of Wolfpack.

Wolfpack, once a strong faction is now defunct and only houses retired players. However much you want to argue it, they are, at this time, unbeatable.

My name is not Bill. I’m not even a vampire.

I am not Sir Lames, Fall-on Mi Bum or any of the other Decatur personalities you have met, however they may have arisen due to my influence.

No animals were hurt in the making of these posts, except for the feelings of the former wolves.

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Tell me it isn’t true Vampy. I bought the twilight box set because of you !!!


I’m real, not a personality.


Go away Swine. I’m talking with Vampy


Oh, ok then.



You thought people cared…


Say the ones replying


I see what you’re trying to say. It really wouldnt have been too hard.