Best teams/toons vs walkers?

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I have sometimes some troubles against walker/ SR and therefore I’ll ask you for help.

Do some of you have an list of toons that gives crit we can use in roads vs walkers?

For though I have rick:

There are higher SR stages when it is better to use 5* red toons which makes it “cheaper” to revive them once they are dead. I use mostly Rick or Carl in these stages as lead. For different stages when yellows are needed I use Connor as lead.

6* yellow Barker is a crit lead, as is blue Kenny & green abe
6* yellow Zeke gives a crit boost

I use the toons mentioned above also

Rocket Abraham and James pretty much any collateral damage toons

ezekiel “shiva force”, gator, darlene, michonne “a larger world”.

Lopez is a gem.

Also try and make sure you have a GS in the team and give them your highest crit weapon.

Toons with multi attack and high crit are good for this as well.

Multi turn full team camo is the best tool. Make sure these toons have huge or at least very high Ap weapons.

For my blues I use Dwight-Earl Sutton-Priya-Douglas-Carl. First 3 for the multi attacks, which have the potential to kill 8 walkers. Douglas with double attack weapon for the GS and heal. Carl to revive anyone who drops and give regular heal and bonus hp.

For Reds it’s Lopez(5star)-Rick(5star)-Hershal-Kapoor-Piper. Rick and Hershal ensure there is constant crit boost on top of Lopez’s lead skill. With 3 healers, unless there a toon is taken down in 1 hit the toons aren’t going down. Hershal for GS which usually goes on the 5stars 1st. Piper to stun any toon that is close and dangerous.

Greens are: Ezikiel(5star)-Margaret(5star)-Mike-James-Hershal. Margaret for crit boost, her and Hershal for heal. Hershal for Revives. Mike and James decimate walkers and Mike grants camo for almost long enough to have it locked down, only granting a turn for them to move between ARs.

Yellow isn’t really a crit team but is powerful enough to defeat almost every walker team it comes across: Camila-Raven-Charlie-Hengyen-GS Rick. Raven and Charlie clear whole lines, Hengyen grants crit. Rick for GS and regular bonus hp to weather walker attacks. Camila to help regular ARs and high damage, also helps clear stun from stun walkers.

You won’t have the same toons as me, but you get the general gist of how to form effective walker teams.

Lopez is nice if you can pull him from 5 star wheel

You guys are missing the boat, the best characters are multi hit ar people like earl and priya. The more hits the better.


Earl-Priya-Dwight in 1 team almost clears the floor.

Priya with splash can potentially clear 9 walkers in a rush. Add double attack into the equasion and that goes up to a theoretical 18(!?)

this guy is perfect for clearing walker levels and sr stages

I use this with great effect. Douglas for shield dwight and earl for multiple possible crit hits and Eric just in case one dies.

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