Best team for taking Strongholds

So I understand the basic concept is critical leader, critical weapons and level 1/slow rushes or trainers.

I was using a red team for the range so you can kill walkers over barricades… But my main story critical team is yellow. I don’t know if its me but speedwise, yellows seem to clean up so much faster.

Anyone Able add more to this?

All you need


You only need 1

Unfortunately I’m not privvy to own that character yet.

My pit stop crew tower team

You can also use 5* blue gov, he’s in basic tokens

what do u put on the weapons? Just a buncha attack? what about mods? Cuzzz, doesn’t he already 1-shot every tower zombie without any additional attack?

he does one shot most other than fat ones but youre aring all the time

He was in league stores two seasons ago. An awesome toon.

sweet thx bro. attack mods? Crit % chance, or just straight attack?

crit set

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