Best survival markers usage for first 5*?


Hello all, newish player working on bolstering my 5squad. I currently have about 200k survival markers. Who is the best 5 to get when on sale? Jesus, Dr. Stevens, or Ezekiel? Maggie is my only reviver at the moment, doc Stevens seems really good.

There’s currently a super sale on doc Stevens, which is why I’m anxious to get him lol. Also, is there an even better sale? I’ve seen something about an “extreme” sale in random posts.

Thanks in advance


Ezekiel, Dr. Stevens, 4* Maggie, Jesus, and then Carl


First one to grab should be Ezekiel hands down he can help u in many ways in the game. Second should be doc stevens then Jesus…I would avoid picking the four stars since we are living in a six star world but if you need what they offer then go for it…remember that u will need 7 of the survival tool packs to upgrade any of the five stars from the depo so make sure u factor that in too.


extreme sale is one better than super sale, and the cheapest possible option. sr zeke is miles better and more useful that all the others, i’d say buy two of him before considering the rest.

you have enough to buy a toon, but will also need to purchase 7 multi tools to max them out, my suggestion would be to keep saving and if you see a multi tool on extreme sale, or sr zeke on super or extreme sale, buy them.


Without a doubt go Ezekiel first, but I’d wait for an extreme sale (it marks them down to 153,000 I believe, and that goes for all of the characters), it saves tons of markers. After that, go Dr. Stevens as bonus HP is very good, he’ll help with walkers, and he’ll fit in a team with Zeke well. After that go Jesus. Revives are no where near as good as they used to be; especially 5 star revives, but in cases it can still be handy to have. He’s also a good ranged crit leader for zombies. Would just ignore 4 stars. Hope this helps!


I disagree, Maggie is probably in the top 5 4*s and Jesus is just kinda eh. I would get Maggie before Jesus. Just never get Carl unless you’re collecting them all.


Maggie is redundant if you have Dr. Stevens: he’s faster, has guardian, is yellow, gives crit, and is a peacekeeper so you can use him on any stages you could use maggie


Zeke and doc Steven’s. I wouldnt even bother with Jesus.

Takes 7 multitools to t4: 1,2,4


That the 5⭐ Limited Edition Jesus. He revives with more HP I believe and regains it as well. Although he doesn’t do line damage.

As for your choice OP (if you’re still undecided), your choice should be factored by the toons you have. At first, my melee roster was blowing up with every variety needed. Healers, buffers, AOE attackers and debuffers. But I decided to ascend Mirabelle over Vincent for an offense-heavy team (defending AP bonus wasn’t really working out).


Doh. You’re right lol my bad. Get those two mixed up… forgot about SR Jesus completely cause… he sucks


I’d still take Maggie anyday over SR Jesus


If only sr jesus did what he originally did… He got nerfed hard ffs they could have just made him a triple revive with line dmg at 45ap instead of nerfong him from reviving all with the valence that he’d be 75ap


This is the info I was looking for. Thanks!


I got two SR Jesus on extreme sales early - my number one regret in terms of depot purchases :frowning:
Zeke FTW. Crit leader skill and rush helps on those crit/human stages. Doc is decent but Zeke is king.


I got jesus first, then zeke, going for doc stevens next, have no use for 4* here. you should also wait on extreme sales, but sometimes it seems extreme sales are extremely rare.


I never bought jesus from the depot but I did get 2 zekes and 1 dr. stevens. I used to love running into defenses with jesus during the 5 star era it always made for a quick and easy win. He is terrible.


Zeke I still use him regularly