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I don’t have Donnie (yellow/red leader) so I would like to have advices for the best attack team to beat the new revive Erick (blue/green leader) teams.


All depends on roster really. What I use for the vast majority of teams and it’s very successful is
Green Abe lead
Guardian Glenn
If you don’t have access to those kind of toons then red governor is a must to stop the rushing, if they’ve violets behind Erik you’ll need a confuse active skill to stop her

Andrea, zeke,ty,Jeremiah, and hersh works pretty well …u can replace hersh with lori pretty easy f2p team

Which Andrea? Which Zeke? Which Ty?

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Blue andrea, yellow zeke(for recover impair in case of magnas, and blue ty for decapitate

Red Madi, yellow Zeke, decap sandy, wyland, Louis

Red Madi, Harper, Hershel, wyland, Louis

Generally the theme is leader that boosts attack and/or AP in some fashion for most of your team, disarm, decap for cutting heads off and stopping revive loop, guardian to keep you alive, heavy hitter/atk booster. If you find toons to fit this you will be grand in all scenarios.

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