Best straight up walker teams?

Is there anything that would improve this team? It pretty much handles anything as long as they aren’t any trait type restrictions.

Obviously Gator and Yellow Ezekiel don’t get the Leader benefit from Crit, but with the other bonuses it’s not a huge loss.

All weapons are crit focused. I took crit mods for Kenny and Ezekiel Shiva force, but left off for Douglas cause I use him on other teams. I removed mods from Gator at the moment, but just kept him for Crit and Camo AR.

Could have been better with all Kennys loool

Personally I don’t like melee in a walker slayer team, slower kill cause of the obstructions


to be fair, i use a kenny lead all blue team. no crit mods or crit weapons and works fine. all hits are crit

Lol, I do have a 2nd Kenny, but just never have a need to ascend him to 6*

Yellow Michelle lead, guardian rick, guardian zek, yellow gator, yellow yvette. Great vs just walkers and walker human combos

I don’t have most of those :rofl:
No Michelle, Rick or Yvette

I’d swap out those 2 melee for 5* barker and double attack dwight. If you feel barker is too squishy swap red zeke for eric so you can revive. I use barker on my zombie team and have no problem though.

Why two guardians it only works for one toon per turn making the other toons guardian 2 useless

Guardian II does 2 per turn, I thought? Or you mean only 1 Guardian II activates per round?

Hmm I’ll check them out. I don’t think I have Barker or Dwight, is that 5* also?

Only 1 guardian 2 per round personally I would put something else in place

Like an adjacent attacker

Kenny with 4 basils all crit weapons

No he was one of the first 6*, but any ranged with double attack is good.

Having two makes sure that you get a shield every turn. I use zek for the crit boost in his ar and rick for the revive

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I actually dont use a crit lead for my walker killing team, i like to use someone like Carl, Michelle, etc

A typical team for me is Michelle lead, double Bryans, gaurdian Zeke and leagues Zeke unless theirs reflect zombies i auto and know for a fact i will be good

Only ever used one and used to use Carl to clear walkers but now I use James makes it a lot easier to clear walkers from roadmaps stronghold territories and all things Walker related plus he is a good attack toon for raids

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I use Kenny 2 konrad Bryan and blue alpha

There are a bunch of good combos. You just need to find one that works with the toons you have.

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Use Kenny lead and any ranged toons with multi attack rushes. Disarm Earl will headshot 3 in one round when he rushes. Put in Dwight and others that do the same and you’re destroying them with ease. Plus the rushes aren’t wasted attacks on auto. I keep Douglass in by default for the Guardian shields and healing…just in case.