Best stage to Farm for Snowglobes?

Hi guys,

Curious which stage you guys have found is best to repeat to get the extra globes needed for the 1000 per day. I was trying act 2 stage 6 but didn’t get very many from that.

The first act stage 5 gave me upward of 30-40 at a time but not sure if that is the best one. Don’t know which is consistent.

Post any info you have about efficient farming please! thanks guys

Random I believe


Does anyone know if the extra farmed pieces will rollover to the next day

Thats the million dollar question



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That doesn’t necessarily mean any extra items will disappear. It could also mean, “The collection resets daily, so make sure to turn in your items to finish the collection.”

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The extra items will be gone. They are not in your inventory. When the collection resets, you will lose any extras.


Proof? Otherwise just spreading misinformation.

Err on the side of caution, and interpret collection as the set of objects you have acquired toward the daily total. Further proof of this claim can be seen once you complete the collection, as it disappears from the “in progress” portion of the museum.

Any time anything can be read ambiguously, assume the worst.


yeah i am not risking it until tomorrow and seeing if they roll over

why do you want to farm it its very simple to complete when it is up anway.

Well completing all the stages doesn’t give you 1k snow globes, so was asking which one is best to finish off the rest of the 1k that you didn’t get completing it.

I mean… it disappears from the “in progress” portion for another reason too: You can’t collect anymore of that collection. Note how the name of the collection is called “1st day of carnage”, so “2nd day of carnage” will just show up tomorrow.

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its cool i thought people wanted to farm alot to cover for next days to come which i am not a fan of. Doing the daily roadmap today netted me around 900 pieces and used 2-3 bronze salvage token and its done in a minute. No big deal imo.

Yeah wanted to farm as don’t really wanna play a game on Christmas Day, kinda the one day of the year.

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Perhaps thats why they gave us the free gift in the shop of 2 toy robots, so you can skip 2 days if you need too

I’d rather grab them now before they nerf the drop rates

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I think it’s random I was getting wildly different drops on act 2 stage 6 ranging from 15-50.


It’s completely random but you get the most XP from the last level so farm the last level.

I may not want to farm the maps on Christmas or another day I choose.

So I would like the choice of farming on my heavy play days and just log in/turn in on my lite days.

We will all know the answer to the million dollar question today in about 4 hours