Best stage for farming crutches?

Any consensus on best stage?!?

I’ve been farming 3 as I can auto it with the all green team I’m using, depends on team your using really

I’ve been preferring the first as the toons are the weakest, but worried I’m missing a better stage :grinning:

Wondering if anyone has run each a number of times and had any results :grinning:

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I think they are all the same. Just been doing the last one cos I can two tap it

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I haven’t noticed a difference on any stage tbh, so I just do the first one.

I wish it was like the whisperer war event where one stage had multiple waves so we could get other drops as well. Would have been nice to have the option.

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I’ve been doing the first one. Like others have said sewms like they all drop the same. I will say I think I’m getting more doing auto and not the tokens.

Could be pure superstition.

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Last stage for me. No real reason, I just auto through it.

Honestly they all have the same drop rates i think

I’ve just been using tokens on the last stage, I have a feeling the stage doesn’t matter.

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I got an 800 from stage one because I ain’t taking no chances so I honestly do not see a point in doing the harder one unless you have those tokens.

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My pick is the First stage all day!
It costs the same and it’s quicker to run as you kill them in Turn 1 rather than Turn 3 to 4 on the later stages.

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Last stage.

I found I was getting more 25 drops on first stage & very rarely getting them on last one.

Yeah first stage for me as it’s guaranteed T1 win. I seem to average 60 crutches per stage. No 800’s for me but I doubt thats due to anything but RNG.

This was done with tokens (got over 1k still), but if you don’t have tokens and you don’t have a solid old school team, then farming stage1 seems like a solid argument…

Why are you quoting yourself? And I do have a solid old school team, thats why its a guaranteed turn 1 win on the first stage.

Guaranteed T1 win is also with a rageddy team, in fact. I consider a solid team the kind that kills all 4 stages without issues… I got a T1 team I use for arenas, but I prefer running the aftermath maps (just like any other roadmap) with Pam lead - it makes the map a bit more challenging, but not impossible still…

And I am quoting myself to:

  • not repeat what I already wrote
  • point to another discussion loosely related to the topic
  • look cool (or like an idiot, depends on the audience, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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